AKO Digital Controllers – FAQ

1. What equipment the digital controllers can be use for?

It can be used on all refrigeration equipment, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, with no limit of equipment size, for example in a 10tons walk-in cooler you just need to connect the digital controller to the solenoid valve or power relay.

2. What model of thermostat the digital controllers can replace?

It can replace 100% of all mechanical and digital thermostats, just need to adjust the controllers correctly

3. Can I save electricity consumption with AKO digital controllers?

If the thermostat is accurate the compressor will not work more than is needed, and the ice will not block the air, and make unnecessary compressor running.

4. Where can I install the new controller, and what modification are required?

The AKO controller can be installed in the same place of the mechanical thermostat, or in place of the thermometer, you only need to make a bigger hole in the panel or add an electric box, and add one white-neutral wire for the digital controller wiring.

5. Do I need to connect the digital controller to earth?

Don’t need green earth wire connection. The controller is in a special plastic protection box.

6. Is the AKO digital controller waterproof?

No the thermostat like any other thermostat or timer is not waterproof, but it is humidity resistant – max 90% humidity.

7. I set the digital controller on 35°F and the refrigerator never get to this temperature, why?

The controller is like other thermostat that can not cool if the equipment have a technical problem:

Freon leak, condenser clogged, unsuffusion compressor, temperature sensor is not placed correctly… the maintenance is required as usual.

8. The sensor is to short to reach inside the cool room/box, can I make it longer?

Yes there is no limit to adding any electrical 2wires cable for example 1000meters (~3000feets) the temperature maximum deviation will change only 0.5°F

9. There is a power brake – do I need to adjust the program and the set point again?

No! the controller have a non volatile memory, the adjustment is staying on any long or short power brake.