Digital Thermostat For Marine Yachts And Boats

Digital Thermostat for Marine Refrigerators & Freezers

Thermostat for boats & yachts refrigerators & freezers All sea lovers and boat owners know that the standard mechanical thermostats supplied with most boat refrigerators work fine for two years max. Unfortunately the likelihood that these mechanical thermostats will fail when you are out there at sea and your freezer or refrigerator is full of […]

universal thermostat digital

Why You should Use Digital Thermostats For Refrigerators & Freezers

Digital Thermostat vs Mechanical The available thermostats in the market can be divided into two main categories – Digital thermostats and mechanical thermostats. Out of these two types, the digital ones are more accurate and more user friendly. Consumers and technicians who are looking to purchase a thermostat for freezers and refrigerators are encouraged to […]

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OEM Replacement Controllers & Thermostats for Beverage-air

OEM Controllers & Thermostats for Beverage-air replacement parts AKO OEM replacement digital thermostats for all the models below: Beverage-air Horizon series refrigerators (Reach-in) AKO D4120: Solid door refrigerator: HRPS1-1S, HRPS1W-1S, HRPS2-1S, HRPS3-1S Half-solid door refrigerator: HRPS2-1HS, HRPS3-1HS Glass door refrigerator: HRPS1-1G, HRPS1W-1G, HRPS2-1G, HRPS3-1G Half-glass door refrigerator: HRPS1-1HG, HRPS2-1HG, HRPS3-1HG   Beverage-air Horizon series freezers:  AKO-D14320 […]

Temperature Controller Replacement Thermostat For Ojeda

OEM Replacement Controllers & Thermostats For Ojeda Freezers

Replacement Thermostats For Ojeda Freezers: Glass Door Coolers, Open Air Merchandisers, Deli Cases. Schindler Technologies are USA distributors of AKO Universal Digital Thermostats for refrigerators and freezers. We carry the original replacement thermostat (OEM Ojeda replacement Thermostats), AKO D14320 & AKO D14120 for all of Ojeda`s commercial refrigeration products. AKO replacement digital thermostats for all the […]

How to build a beer fermentation chamber with a digital thermostat

DIY beer fermentation chamber with a digital thermostat Are you planning to build a fermentation chamber but you don’t know how to get started? If so, you have landed to the right page. The basic idea behind making a fermentation chamber is to control the temperature of active yeasts. With that, here are the steps […]