OEM Replacement Controllers & Thermostats For Ojeda Freezers

Replacement Thermostats For Ojeda Freezers: Glass Door Coolers, Open Air Merchandisers, Deli Cases.

Schindler Technologies are USA distributors of AKO Universal Digital Thermostats for refrigerators and freezers. We carry the original replacement thermostat (OEM Ojeda replacement Thermostats), AKO D14320 & AKO D14120 for all of Ojeda`s commercial refrigeration products.

AKO replacement digital thermostats for all the models below:

Freezers: AKO D14320
NB-28 Freezers
NB-34 Freezers
NB-43 Freezers
NB-51 Freezers
NB-60 Freezers
NB-68 Freezers
CT-90 Freezers
8-FLAVOR DIP Freezers

Glass Door Coolers: AKO-D14120
RVP-145 Glass Door Coolers
RVP-245 Glass Door Coolers
RVP-500 Glass Door Coolers
RV2P-36 Glass Door Coolers

Open Air Merchandisers: AKO-D14120
ALPA-55 Open Air Merchandisers
ALPA-77 Open Air Merchandisers
ALPA-99 Open Air Merchandisers
ALPA-120 Open Air Merchandisers

Deli Cases: AKO-D14120
VENUS-3 Deli Cases
VENUS-4 Deli Cases
VENUS-5 Deli Cases
VENUS-6 Deli Cases

Replacement Thermostat And Temperature Controller For Ojeda