How to build a beer fermentation chamber with a digital thermostat

DIY beer fermentation chamber with a digital thermostat

Are you planning to build a fermentation chamber but you don’t know how to get started? If so, you have landed to the right page. The basic idea behind making a fermentation chamber is to control the temperature of active yeasts. With that, here are the steps you need to consider when using your digital thermostat for beer making.

So how do digital thermostats help in beer fermentation?

Digital thermostats are used to control the temperature of your freezer. All you have to do is to set your desired temperature and just let the control do its job. These devices usually have tactile front keypad which allows you to program different parameters. It is an ideal controller to improve your beer home brewing experience.

To improve the temperature accuracy of the beer brewing thermostat, you have to add a thermometer to the stainless tube in the beer.  There are available digital thermostats which include those that can record two different temperatures –one for the probe and one for the unit itself.

Building a Chamber

You can work on a fermentation chamber temperature controller 18mmg plywood and 1.2mm firm insulation. Make sure to seal the corners with caulk. With a 6 gallon better bottle for a good basis of the size of the chamber, you have to leave some space on the top in order to mount them. You need to put a dry erase board material on the bottom of every chamber. This could distribute the weight of full carboy in order to spare the insulation from any damage.

As of the chamber stand, make sure that the carboy is elevated. You can make a stand of 2x4s, 4×4 posts, wide casters and plywood. Also, see to it that it can support twenty gallons.

 Fan Cooling and Mini Freezer

The most daunting part in making digital controller fermentation chamber is working on the computer fan cooling and mini freezer.   Basically, it is advisable that you make use of water-cooled radiators with an attached fan which can turn on and off depending on the temperature of the beer.


Cut an entry and exit hole at the back of the chamber. Make sure that every place in the box is completely sealed so the maximum temperature will not be affected. Insulate the wire from water lines with foam.

Do take note that the fan needs to be mounted at a certain angle in such a way that the air blows around its carboy. Furthermore, the temperature probe must be mounted at beer in order to come up with an accurate measurement of the ambient temperature. Also, this is very important in order for the wire probe to go down to the thermowell.

There you have it- steps on how to build a beer fermentation chamber with a digital thermostat easily. After reading each step, you can now get started with your project and look forward to a worthy home brewing experience.

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