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AKO Digital Thermostats for Refrigeration AKO-D14123

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Available: AKO-D14112 (12/24 V), AKO-D14120 (120 V), AKO-D14123 (230 V).

Product Description

AKO Digital Thermostats for Industrial Refrigeration AKO-D14123 (230 V)

For new installation or replacement of all mechanical and digital thermostats. Adaptable for all refrigeration equipment.

Application: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, displays, incubators, vehicles.

Video instruction for AKO Digital Thermostats Settings


• NTC probe temperature range -50ºC to + 99.9 ºC.
• PTC probe temperature range -50 ºC to +150 ºC.
• 3 digits Display (°C/° F) • Resolution 0,1 ºC • Accuracy ±1 ºC.
• Panel cut-out dimensions 71 x 29 mm.
• Front panel dimensions79 x 38 mm.
• Depth 43 mm (AKO-D14120 y AKO-D14123) SPST.
• Depth 61 mm (AKO-D14112 y AKO-D14123-2-RC) SPDT.
• Compressor relay SPST 16 A: AC1=12, AC3=9 (AKO-D1412x).
• Compressor relay SPDT 2 CV: AC1=16, AC3=10 (AKO-D14123-2, AKO-D14123-2-RC).
• Compressor relay SPDT 16 A: AC1=12, AC3=9 (AKO-D14112).
• The AKO-1423-2-RC model has integrated RS485 communication and Real Time Clock to defrost.

1/2 sensor – NTC / 1 dry contact / Red light display / Adjustable thermostat / adjustable defrost cycle / None volatile memory.

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AKO-D14112 12/24 V~, 1 SPDT relay 16 A, 1 NTC probe included Standard Panel

AKO-D14120 120 V~, 1 SPST 16 A, 1 NTC probe included Standard Panel

AKO-D14123 230 V~, 1 SPST relay 16 A, 1 NTC probe included Standard Panel